Editing Services

Thank you for stopping by my website.  Below you’ll find a list of all of the services I offer to the independent author.  If you don’t see something here that you need, please email me; I’m pretty flexible.  Each item or service is available individually or grouped together in a package of your design for a discount in price.  For general policies, click HERE.


Group two items or services, receive 10% off the least expensive item or service.

Individual Editing Services (scroll down for full explanation of each)

  • Copy and line Editing with Tutorial (0.0050 cents per word = $500.00 for 100,000 words, note minimums below)
  • Third-Pass Proofreading of edited work (charge = $300)
  • Blurb Critique ($20 flat fee)
  • Note minimum prices:  (1-10,000 words = minimum of $50, plus $10 for third read                                         10,001-90,000 words =minimum of $450)
  • Email me for a quote on editing brochures or websites
Proofreading of previously edited work: (0.0035 cents per word and/or minimum charge = $350)

Line Editing/Tutorial Details*

Two read-throughs to identify typographical errors, missing or repeated words, punctuation issues and other basic corrections.  Done in Microsoft Word with redlines (track changes).  Where necessary, in-depth discussions about why certain changes were identified so that the author will not make those same structural, grammatical, or verbal mistakes in the future.  If I begin the work and determine that the manuscript is not ready for this step yet, I will do the work to the 5,000-word mark and return it to you, the new rate being a flat fee of $50.  If you return the manuscript to me after making it ready again, addressing the issues noted in the 5,000-word edit, I will credit that $50 towards the full price to be paid.

Copy Editing Details*

Two read-throughs to identify issues with sentence structure, POV and tense consistency, character voices, clarity of plot, story arc, use of repetitive words, phrases, or expressions, mechanical style errors (overuse of adverbs, passive voice, run-ons, etc), and formatting errors such as lack of or overuse of paragraph breaks.  Done in Microsoft Word with redlines (track changes).

Third-Pass Proofreading Details

After you receive the red-lined manuscript from me, you will make your changes based on my feedback.  Often in the process of doing that, additional errors are made.  I find this is more likely to happen at this stage than in the initial writing stages, probably because you’ve seen the manuscript so many times, everything blurs together, and you are anxious to get the project done.  I highly recommend a third pass over the document to ensure those issues have been addressed, but this step is entirely optional.

Proofreading Details

I will proofread any work that has been already edited by a third party for a final review/ “set of eyes”. If it is obvious after three chapters that this work has not had a thorough edit I will return the three completed chapters and refund payment minus $50.

Blurb Critique Details

Every book needs a good blurb that will grab readers and entice them into wanting to read more.  You write your best blurb and send it to me.  Together, we’ll create one that will accomplish this goal.

*Note: both line editing and copy editing are done with every editing project I take on.