About Me

My name is Margaret Rainforth and I’m a university professor and professional freelance editor of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. I also edit brochures and websites.  I’ve been waving my red pen around for over twenty years, the majority of my work in the past being in the non-fiction world.  However, with the advent of ebooks and my daughter becoming a bestselling author at Amazon/New York Times/USA Today, I’ve expanded my services as a fiction manuscript editor.  In most circumstances I can accomplish a quick turnaround.

As a reader you’ll find my nose in books of the following genres:  contemporary and historical romance, erotic romance, adult action/adventure, women’s fiction (aka chick lit), YA fantasy, YA post-apocalyptic, YA action/adventure, historical fiction, dramatic or romantic suspense, and even the occasional zombie tale.  If you write in any of these genres, I am more than comfortable editing your work.

I love taking a manuscript created by someone else and putting a fine polish on it.  Making a good first impression with your book is incredibly important, especially with the ease of publishing today making the glut of ebooks somewhat hard to get through for readers.  If your work is not up to snuff, you risk losing potential reader advocates – those special fans who will tell others about your work and sing your praises in online reading communities.

I’m here to help you become visible and stay visible; make your work the best it can be.  Allow me to edit it for you!