If you would like references, I am happy to provide them.  Below are some testimonials, but if you prefer something more detailed, please email me and I will give you contact information for former clients who have agreed to share their experiences with you.

“I’ve used Margaret for all of my books (over 30 to date), and I have always received compliments from readers about the level of editing being exceptionally good.  Any errors in the books now are probably from me messing around after Margaret has finished her work!  She’s also very fast with her turnaround and never fails to tell me not only what my mistakes are but also what I’m doing well…”  Elle Casey, Amazon Bestselling Author of YA Fantasy and Science Fiction series and romance [disclosure: daughter of Margaret]
“A friend of mine put me in touch with Margaret, after I had written my debut novel. Thank God she did! As an indie author it is imperative that you have a good editor who can spot the errors you have become blind to in the writing process, and shine a light on events, circumstances etc that don’t quite fit together as neatly as they should.
Margaret worked meticulously and tirelessly, which was fantastic because I had already published my original version and was receiving the odd comment in reviews about editing slips here and there–not good for any author trying to make a strong first impression.Naturally, I was very keen to get a polished version up, as soon as possible. Margaret was almost on speed dial, and checked in with me regularly. Margaret is a believer in pointing out strengths, as well as weaknesses, which I appreciated a lot! I was delighted with the end result, and would happily recommend her as an editor.”
Amanda McKeon (author of YA paranormal romance)
I have used Margaret to edit both of my books. She has done an excellent job for me and I would highly recommend her services. Margaret has not only helped me with grammatical errors, but she has helped refocus my stories so they are more smooth and easy to read. She is excellent at time lines, anachronisms, and catching all those little things that can make or break a book. She is prompt and always gets back to me in a timely fashion when editing. Additionally, she is not afraid to tell you when something doesn’t feel right. Use Margaret for your editing needs and you will have a more comprehensive, marketable book. Julie Dewey
I love working with Margaret! Her knowledge coupled with the time and attention she puts into her edits go far beyond what I’ve come to expect from freelance editors in this genre. I constantly get comments from readers about how well-edited my books are. And my publisher appreciates it, too!-Cassia Leo
You are indeed very good.  Your suggestions were right on point.  Now, I’ve only used dozens of copy editors for my textbooks, but I would say that you rank with the best I’ve ever used.  Of course, fiction isn’t the same, I know, but still, I was impressed.  Some of the fine points you picked up on were terrific.  RM

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